The musicians

The Band
There are five main members of the band. Sometimes we ask one of our experienced friends to step in and help if someone is not available for a particular date. The usual band line-up is fiddle & flute, backed by guitar, bouzouki, percussion (djembe, bongos, snare) and vocals. This line-up may vary slightly depending on players’ availability, but we always feature a core of two lead musicians with the same backing section and a caller.

Our vocals don’t interrupt the dancing, they drive it on! Gaelic port à beul (“mouth music”) is meant uniquely for dancing, and we’ll surprise you with short bursts in the middle of some of our sets.

Our regular line-up consists of:

  • Cathy: fiddle
  • Gordon: flute, whistle
  • Kenny: bouzouki, guitar
  • Kirsteen: caller, vocals, percussion
  • Michel: vocals, percussion, guitar

Others who appear with us from time to time include:

  • Andy: caller, percussion
  • Dianne: caller
  • Rebecca: flute
  • Kathryn: fiddle
  • Tim: fiddle
  • Duncan: uilleann pipes, whistles
  • Susan: button accordion