Debunking What Feature Walls Can Do

Debunking What Feature Walls Can Do

Everybody needs to understand that feature wall is only that differently designed wall but is also a soul giver to the room.  If you are resourceful enough, your feature wall can also be functional. Unlike what others believed, feature walls are not long gone and forgotten. In fact, many homeowners still prefer to have it because of the intensity has to anyone who enters the room. With that being said, a failed one can make the room look stressful and no one wants that. The intensity that’s being talked about here is the ‘wow’ factor and anything that opposes that do not count.

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Let us look at how designers innovated with feature walls in this article by Studio McGee.


Today, we’re addressing the question of painted accent walls — are they a fun accent or a design faux pas? For us, we tend to shy away from “painted accent walls” and opt for an upgraded look. The closest thing we’ve ever done to a painted accent wall is a chalkboard wall in a kid’s playroom. See examples here

The only limit to our creativity is our imagination and to come up with an artistic output, we should set aside the perfectionist attitude of ours. With feature walls, however, creativity and perfection are both important and sometimes confusing because how do these things get along? Then again, there are people who can do both and their secret? Be practical. How do we turn a plain wall into something both artistic and functional? Committing to a new color for the entire house can be nerve-racking sometimes but with feature wall, we will be able to try and see if a particular hue suits our homes and the people who live in it.

Next, HousePaintingTutorials.Com will show us how to paint a gorgeous and practical feature wall for rooms of different sizes and architectural style.

Tips for Painting Accent Walls

  • In a really oblong room, the best wall to accentuate is the farthest short wall – theaccent color will draw attention and make the wall appear closer to you, visually correcting the shape of the room. 

            Painting the longest wall differently will only emphasize its length. See examples here

There are many ways to have that statement-making-feature-wall; some are cheap but some will call for a raise of budget. Either way, as long as it serves it purpose, any type of feature wall is valid. Accent walls can be designed by painting and wallpapering has huge difference from one another. If you prefer plain and bold style for your chosen room but if you are more of a jolly person and appreciates the fun that patterns possess, wallpapers are the best material to use for your wall feature project. Wallpapers have the upper hand in terms of decorations but keep in mind that not all wallpapers work for feature wall. In times like this, think about what mood you exactly want to set for a room and find a one that gives you just that.

For the last article, writer, Kimberly Hughes will give up tips on using wallpaper for an accent wall.


The thing about choosing a wallpaper as your feature wall is that it’s gotta be bold. There’s no point in choosing something with very soft details or a totally muted palette for this because it’ll do nothing to catch your eye and make a statement. And good feature walls SHOULD be making a statement. Read more here

Ideas flow everywhere and all we have to do is to choose something that suits our taste. It is important that our opinion comes first before the other people who will see our feature walls. If we are satisfied enough with what we see, it is an indication that our feature wall project is a huge success and will inspire us to do more in future. However, don’t be afraid to have a horrible result for the first time because it’s one good opportunity to learn more not just about feature walls but also our preferences in interior designing.

Do not be intimidated with the idea that feature walls are hard to deal with—well, they are at first but because it takes only one wall side, it will not be difficult to redo. Plan out what exactly do you want your room to feel like but don’t disregard the fact the feature walls are bold and always making a statement. The question is, what statement do you want to express? Well, it’s all up to you. Interior designers are creative people, there is no doubt about that but on the other hand, it is you who can visualize what your feature wall should look like.