How to Maintain the Beauty and Quality of our Tiles


Isn’t it nice to come home to a house where everything is well fixed and clean? Isn’t it also nice to live in a home where there are no issues or problems regarding damaged floors or walls? Tiles are good accessories which give beauty to our homes. However, in order to maintain its quality and good appearance, from the installation to the cleaning, everything must be given delicate care. Every process is important because once we fail one, everything will get ruined. Tiles are also sensitive that’s why we should be careful all throughout the process.

Claire Heart’s article will give us information on how to tile kitchen walls properly. This is the first and an important part, so let’s read it.

How to Tile a Kitchen Wall like a Total Pro!

Tiling a kitchen is an absolute mammoth task. In the summer of 2016, we had to learn how to tile a kitchen wall pretty sharpish; we moved into our new house and decided to treat ourselves to a beautiful mint green Smeg fridge. I hear your gasps. Yes, it is lovely.

Unfortunately, the space for the refrigerator was against a wall, and you couldn’t open the door more than a few inches *cries*. Yes, I do like to draw on my cupboards with Chalk Markers! We had to remove some end kitchen cabinets and re-tile a wall and part of the floor. My beautiful deck was covered in tile dust for months. But we did learn a few things, and we are happy to impart this knowledge to you. (Special thanks to Papa D. and Mr.HeartHandmade) Read more here 

           Now that our tiles are already installed, the next step for maintenance is the cleaning process. Cleaning is important to avoid damages and also to keep its appearance presentable. Let us always remember that clean tiles contribute to the impact of the design. There are several ways which we can follow in order to remove stains.

Lisa Diaz, in her article which can be found in, will share to us 17 clever ways to clean tiles, especially the tile grout.

17 Clever Ways to Clean Kitchen & Bath Tile Grout

Nothing can be more aggravating (in regards to cleanliness) then to have your beautiful bathroom tile floor and kitchen backsplash to look grimy filled with dirt, food stains, and mildew. There is only so much one can do when using household products but for the rest, creativity will be your friend to get your tile and backsplash looking fresh and new again.

Here is an excellent tip to cleaning out tile grout without the use of harsh chemicals. Take some baking soda and pixie dust it onto your grout and make sure it covers the grout entirely – use your fingers to line up the baking soda into the cracks. Next, get yourself some vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle.

After giving it a good few minutes for the concoction to run its natural course grab your grout brush and brush off the dirt debris that the mix accumulated on its own before allowing the dirt residue to settle back into the grout. Read more here 

Great! We can now keep our ceramic tiles singapore neat, clean, and looking fresh. But what if the tile grouts can’t be cleaned regardless of everything that you’ve done, or what if they break and crack? We should not worry because we can replace the grouts and make them new again.

In an article by Maressa Brown, she will teach us how to regrout bathroom, kitchen, or any other tiles.

How to Regrout Tile in Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Beyond

 If you have tile in your bathroom, kitchen, or other area of your home, sooner or later you will want to know how to regrout it. And for good reason: Grout—that cement filler between your tiles—can get discolored or dirty, despite your best efforts to clean it. And over time, grout can break apart, leaving a crumbly mess that might also allow water to seep underneath and do some serious damage to your floor.

“Regrouting is necessary to reseal and restore the appearance of tile,” explains J.B. Sassano, president of Mr. Handyman, a repair service in Ann Arbor, MI.

Thankfully, as long as you’re dealing with straight grout lines and not mosaic-style tiles or stone, removing old grout and regrouting tile is a straightforward job that simply requires the right tools and step-by-step action plan. Read more here 

Having tiles in your home is truly complicated and will need a lot of maintenance and care. However, the result is rewarding because all these efforts will provide us with clean and durable tiles will which last long. From the installation, everything must be well prepared, detailed, and carefully done because this will greatly affect the quality of your tiles. The cleaning is also truly important because it will make our place presentable. There will also be less damage with clean tiles. Regrouting can also be done if there are no more chances for you tile grout to be restored. There will always be a remedy, but in order to lessen the hassle, everything, must already be taken care of starting from the beginning.


Need To Know Flooring Ideas For Your Home

When it comes to creating something from scratch in your home, it can take a while to pretty it up, and that is where your inner interior designer will come out of hiding. Tiles have always been on the agenda and the choice for flooring and over the years on the walls when it comes to certain areas of the home. It does not mean, however, that you have to stick to the same old storyline. Here are a couple of flooring ideas that you need to know before zeroing on the first one that strikes your fancy.


Places in the home that see a fair amount of damp are the kitchen and the bathroom. It is therefore essential to choose the right set of tiles that are pleasing on the eye but are easy to clean and maintain. The anti skid variety plays a vital role, especially if you have kids and the elderly living with you. That does not mean that you go with the slippery slope on the stairs because that is foolhardy. Granite is robust and does pack a punch with its ruggedness but unless you are a clean freak, it can take a while keeping it spic and span, in the bathroom and kitchen. Use a fair amount of granite in the kitchen and bathroom, if your heart is set on it, and mix it up with anti skid tiles on the floor. The walls can have a nice gloss to the bath and kitchen area, where you get the granite and ceramic or vitrified tiles to make their mark.

Tile Dimensions

Size of the home plays a crucial role in this context. Expansive surface areas are easier to fill with large tiles. The use of large tiles in a studio apartment or a small flat will constrict the place. Even though the rule of interior design thumb stipulates that you go with the unwritten rule, you do not have to be pedantic about your idea. Decorating a small bathroom space for instance, with relatively large tiles, displays elegance hue as compared to small tiles. The fact here is that while space may constrict movement, upkeep plays quite an imperative factor. Since large tiles have limited cuts to the floor and wall work, you will get a neat look. In a nutshell, while size does matter, aesthetics also feature in the overall scheme.

Personal Taste

The theme of your home constitutes your flooring and wall plan. It is tiles supplier Singapore will help you with not necessarily on the floor but the walls too, in various parts of the house. The lounge, for instance, will stand to look rather chic with the right amount of tiling on the focus wall. By doing away with accessories on the wall or a color splotch with paint, this sets the tone. In fact, you can cut short the idea of using murals or paintings to set the tone, as the tiles create a story of their own. Combine this with a simple set of floor tiles in hardwood or marble and you will have created a masterpiece. Before going ahead with the first set of schematics that strike you, find a blend with the color coordinates and you will have a very inviting home for you and guests to hang out.

Floor tiles have been around for decades. The most obvious choices over the years have been mosaic but since they are rather kitschy, the choice to shift to vitrified tiles has been the hot favorite. They look like marble, easy to maintain and add a special touch. Visit the website of the to create a theme for your home.

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